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I bring to you three drabbles that I just couldn’t get out of my head. I chose to post them together because they’re short and have the same topic. Hehe. Hope you enjoy!

“Hey Lucy, I’m back!” 

Natsu knew something was wrong when he received no response. Earlier in the day Lucy had declared that she would take the day off, so he had made his way to the guild alone, a little less enthusiastic than usual. So when he did not find her upon entering the kitchen, he started wondering. Had she gone out? He doubted it - she had not seemed like she wanted to socialise all too much today.

He stepped into the bedroom, and that’s when he found her: a mess inbetween an even bigger mess.

Somehow she had managed to pull out every single clothing item in her possession and then some, because the floor all around her was covered in garments. She sat in the middle of the chaos, clutching a pink t-shirt. When he entered, she looked up at him with a desperate expression.


To his absolute horror, tears started pooling in her eyes. With a few quick steps he was at her side and immediately crouched down in front of her.

"Lucy?? What’s wrong??"

"My shirt." Grave silence.

"It doesn’t fit anymore." 

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