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Did anyone else find it weird that Mard knew nothing about Natsu? I guess i was just expecting

"Oh, if it isn’t Natsu Dragneel."

"I’m going to take that book from you!!" "

"Hmmm….Nah! super mega demon powers activate!"

Yeah I dont know, somewhere alone those lines. But I guess since Zeref knew who he was, Mard would too. But he’s genuinely surprised. And so was I.





Japanese researchers on the Antarctic caught a humanoid-looking creature on camera. The creature is 30 meters height, all white with humanoid looking face.  A huge part of the Atlantic researchers share that they have witnessed humanoids with flippers and fins similar looking to a mermaid. In 2007 google blowed the network, releasing a picture of the whale-like creature that appeared in the south regions of Antarctica.

Since then, many versions try to explain the existence of the being. None had succeeded completely. The first 2 pictures are actual footage, the last one is an artists drawing of what it may look like. This beast is called the NINGEN. 

you know what I think?

oh my god best response to my post

The second picture looks like

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